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PHOROL MOVIE (on vimeo)

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DAisuke URiu
Naruhiko Shiratori
Izumi Yagi
Satoru Hashimoto


Photographic technology that appeared in the early 19th century has been integraded into many aspects of our lives with many technical innovations such as snapshots of 35 mm films, digital photography and snapshots, and online photo sharing service. As a result, today many people can enjoy expressiveness of photography compared to the fact that only limited people were allowed to use photography when it was emerged.

On the other hand, mechanical clocks appeared in the 14th century. They behave as devices telling correct time and provide various models from large horologes in church or pendulum clocks at home to atomic clocks on the cutting edge.

"PHOROL" is a device that generates various artworks by integrating the clock model and the time to accumulations of people's expressions using digital snapshots on the online photo sharing service. It is realized when clocks that have been assumed the same role for a long time meet photographic technologies and cultural innovation. PHOROL provides us novel experience to recognize the complexly intertwined past memories of people and the flux of time, which is far from our common aspect of the clock which is a thing that ticks the exact time.

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We have a presentation about PHOROL at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009.
PHOROL is accepted by SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 as Sketches.

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Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University
Okude Laboratory



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