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ThanatoFenestra MOVIE (on vimeo)

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DAisuke URiu


ThanatoFenestra is a family altar designed for people to remember the deceased and pray for them, deriving from Japanese traditional Buddhist rituals. Designing this work is a trial approach to seek a new design replacing traditional Buddhist altars by applying interactive technologies, which combines traditional physical rituals and digital photography, one of modern Japanese people's daily practices. In this paper, we argue that this work will be able to make a new Japanese ritual surrounding death.

Depending on a candlelight's movement, ThanatoFenestra displays the photos of the deceased and cleanses their spirits by burning aroma oil as if burning incense sticks. A first prototype of this work archives 10 photos of the author's grandfather taken from the young to the aged. After the user puts a candle into the ThanatoFenestra, the photos gradually appear on the screen according to the temperature of a tray and may flutter in response to the candle flame's flickering as if puffed. If the flicker is bigger, the photo currently shown on the screen is changed to the other image. Smoke reeks up from aroma oil on the tray, which goes up to the top of the screen. In addition, when the candle flame is put off, the photos gently disappear while showing other images like a quick slideshow.

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ThanatoFenestra is going to be presented at DIS2010 conference.
Please see in the Demos session on the conference. [DIS2010]

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Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University
Okude Laboratory



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